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Bara and her australian shepherd cuddle in the forest.

Hi! I'm Bara,
a certified trainer using empathy and knowledge to help dogs and their people understand each other.

A little bit about me

Growing up, I always loved animals, especially dogs. My dream was to someday have an Australian Shepherd. Then a few years ago, Bernie came into my life! And he, with his leash, pulled me to fulfill another even bolder dream... to become a dog trainer!

That's why I named my ‘dog school’ Bernie's Canine College. Because I learned much more from Bernie than he learned from me :-). Thanks to him, I not only graduated from the Jde To Team Academy for dog trainers, but also gained experience that I simply can’t keep to myself! I left the comfort of the office chair and polished "white collar" environment, and traded it in for a treat bag, a leash, a clicker and sneakers. I'm finally doing something that makes sense to me and where I can see results.​

My goal is to help my clients and their dogs find a common language so they really understand each other and can live well together. I will guide you through the world of dogs and teach you both to communicate better. I'll help you raise a puppy, survive a dog's puberty, and understand and manage a problematic dog. I understand how difficult interspecies communication can be, and I am not afraid of any challenge :-)


My services

Puppy Preschool
  • 10 week course (10 lessons) for your puppy

  • We will work on:

    • leash technique

    • socialization

    • attention & self-control

    • basic obedience

    • and other puppy basics

350 Kč for 1 lesson

Book all 10 lessons and get the 10th


Private Lesson
  • 50% discount on the first lesson!

  • We will:​​

    • customize a lesson plan just for you

    • agree on a location

    • meet for about 50 minutes​

400 Kč Online | 690 Kč In-person

Book 10 in-person lessons and

SAVE 27%

Private Lesson (Special)
  • Recommended for dogs with separation anxiety, stress issues, reactivity, aggression, or other behavioral problems

  • We will:

    • customize a lesson plan just for you

    • meet where you would like (I can come to you)

    • meet as long as we need to

1000 Kč per hour

Therapy dog training
  • 6-7 month course to teach you how to train and raise a therapy dog​​

Coming soon...


Don't see what you're looking for?

I am happy to customize lessons to fit your needs. Feel free to contact me so we can plan a program just for you and your furry friend.


What my clients say

Chewie and Hannah

"Bara taught me not to be scared of bigger dogs and helped us communicate better! Now I'm not as needy."

Jessie and Adam

"Professional guidance and modification of the teaching during the online lesson (if the dog did not want to follow the commands because it had too much playful energy, the instructor adapted the exercises and simplified them)"

Voodoo and Dan

"Bara instantly connected with me and showed a keen understanding of my behavior. I am a much more responsive dog after spending time with her."

Contact me

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Thanks for the message!

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Bara and her australian shepherd high-five in the forest.

My certifications

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